Have an Unusual Way to Promote Your Book

Rice with chicken and pineple isolatedI was trying to think of not only a good way to promote a book but also get some input into a book I am writing. As I’m writing it I’m soliciting recipes to go into it. Though it’s not going to be a cook book, it will rely heavily on recipes so I developed a page at Causes.com.


What ways have you thought up to promote a book or idea? Send me your idea and I will include it in a post on the blog.

January, February and half of March

January and February: Still working with Work Ops to find a job- hoping that the guy whose working with me will at some point start trying.   March: Planning on making some changes and really putting the pedal to the medal with Connected Solutions- may hire someone to help me. Still wondering if there exists a directory of all websites. BIGGY: Went on to Lulu and created an actual copy of Success Book and paid Fbook for some visitors and hooked Nutshell’s Facebook page up with with CoPromote. Starting working for real on Rice book. Everything must have a nickname.